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William Britain's Has New Owners

Posted by TSB on

William Britain's recently announced that the company was acquired by a group of investors lead by the Companies Creative Director Ken Osen.  As a long time collector and now dealer, for W. Britain's I could not be happier about this announcement.  I personally can not wait to see what the new owners will be releasing in the coming years.  Below is a letter sent out to their dealers.

Dear Retailers and collectors,

On September 20th, 2005 William Britain was acquired by First Gear Inc. of Peosta, Iowa. During the decade of ownership by First Gear, the 123-year-old brand has developed some of the best products the company has ever offered maintaining its place as a leader in the industry.

On February 5th of 2016, William Britain was sold to a new U.S. based company, The Good Soldier L.L.C. of Holland, Ohio. The Good Soldier L.L.C is owned by a small group of investors including John Lord Booth II, Scott & Holly Walter, Dave Youngquist and Kenneth & Ericka Osen. Each of the owners shares a passion for both history and miniatures with a mission to continue growing the W. Britain brand and W. Britain Collector’s Club with a refocused energy and additional product offerings.

Certainly any change in ownership of W. Britain will generate a number of questions on the future of the brand and its products. The good news here is that any improvements you may have noticed during the past two years will continue without interruption. The current General Manager & Creative Director, Kenneth Osen will remain in that position as one of the owners, new dedicated staff members will be added and the current creative team will remain completely intact. Ken has been part of the W. Britain team since 2005 and will ensure continuity of important ranges and quality.

In addition the art of Don Troiani will continue to be serviced by W. Britain with expanded offerings and products, including limited edition sets based on Mr. Troiani’s art. The first three sets will appear in the Spring catalog, followed by others in 2016.

Hudson & Allen Studio’s range of scenic accessories and buildings established in 1991 and owned by Ken and Ericka Osen will also become a Good Soldier L.L.C. brand. We feel these three brands perfectly support each other in every way.

By March 1st, 2016 the entire operation will be moved to our new facility in Ohio, however during this time business continues from the First Gear location in Peosta, Iowa and we will continue to take and ship orders.

We value your continued support. Complete information will be sent to you very soon, thank you in advance for your patience during the transition. 

All the best,
Kenneth A. Osen
General Manager & Creative Director
W. Britain

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